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The Ink Bin was established in 2019 by a

long-standing teacher frustrated with

school funding cuts.

We aim to engage the whole school community- especially your pupils- in

recycling as well as fundraising.

We produce a wealth of support materials to help with your collections and are here to support you every step of the way.


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Certain ink cartridges- the inkjets- hold a value as they can be
remanufactured and resold- a concept known as The Circular Economy.
We are able to offer schools fundraising when they collect inkjet cartridges.
Unlike many companies, our heart is in supporting young people with keeping the world colourful, so we happily accept and recycle any home-use ink cartridge sent to us.
A collection of cartridges may be worth anything from £25.00 to £250.00- it's up to you how far you would like to spread the word!
We ask our customers to purchase their first Ink Bin package but will happily
replace these free of charge if they get tatty. 
We then cover all costs after that.
We do all of the work our end- we sort and list all of the cartridges ourselves; saving your volunteers hours of work. We provide you with reports and other documentation as desired.
We love to work with young people and produce a wealth of free educational resources; designed to support young people and their schools with eco learning.
We also love supporting busy teachers with establishing an Eco Club within their schools.

Here are some of the things

people have said about us..

The Ink Bin proviudes an exceptional service for the recycling of ink cartridges. An innovative project for schools to be involved in, in recycling and helping our planet. 

Friendly service, always quick to reply to emails and messages. 

I would definately recommend to anyone for a brilliant fundraising project.

Rachel Lee, Plumberow School PTA

May 2021

Elmbridge Primary School PTA have only been using The Ink Bin since March 2021. It's been a great way to engage with parents to recycle and raise money for the school. The process was easy and effective, we highly recommend them. So far we have raised £24.95.

Rebecca Smith; Elmbridge School PTA

April 2021

We were so impressed with the whole 'The Ink Bin' operation from start to finish. From signing up to sending off our first box, the process went smoothly and swiftly and we're amazed at how much we were able to raise from just one box! We can't wait to continue working with The Ink Bin to help divert ink cartridges from landfill.

Justine DiCesare; Aroma - Tranquility

February 2021

"It was an absolutely pleasure today to chat with Becky.  Like us, she is so passionate about making a difference to the amount of waste sent to landfill and about making changes that are better for the environment.
We recently switched to recycling all our ink cartridges through The Ink Bin and I can honestly say I really wish we had done it sooner . It was so simple and the added bonus was that we raised over £200 for the school charity ♥️.

If you want to raise money for your school or charity then

I really suggest you contact Becky" Thank you Becky x 

​E.F.F - Head of PTA and Tendring Primary School Recycling Scheme


Why didn't we get involved with this sooner! The school and local community have been amazing contributing to our collection. 

Becky has made the process so easy and is always there if we have any questions.

​Thanks so much!

​Karen Hill, PTA at Nields Primary School, Huddersfield


"Being part of the Ink Bin Family is amazing.  Not only can we help to stop ink cartridges from going into landfill, we can also help raise funds for charity. Using The Ink Bin could not be any easier; our customers can place their used cartridges into The Bin, then when the bin is full, I arrange collection.  If only all recycling was this easy. Thank you Becky for having this brilliant service."​Katharine at Suffolk Libraries