Office-Use Cartridges...

Here at The Ink Bin,

we specialise in home-use cartridge recycling

as a fundraising initiative. 

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However, we do have great news!


Under the WEEE Directive, which outlines the regulations set for recycling electronic equipment, your manufacturer or re-manufacturer is obliged to

cover the costs of collecting and recycling your toner cartridges. 

We have created quick links through to manufacturers. If you use  re-manufactured  toner cartridges, check for the WEEE logo and contact your supplier directly.

HP Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling.webp
Dell Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling.web
Konica Minolta Laser Toner Recycling.web
Epson Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling_jp
Kyocera Laser Toner Recycling.webp
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Missed one? Let us know!

Canon Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling_jp
Samsung Laser Toner Recycling.webp